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1. Policy Effective Date – October 1, 2018


2. General Information – Pulsar Construction Inc. cares about you and your company. We are concerned about all our client’s privacy and computer security. We follow basic rules to make sure that your privacy is not invaded, used, and/or abused.


3. Contact Information – Please see our CONTACT page for all of our company contact information.


4. Dispute Resolution – In the unlikely event that a visitor to our website feels that we have somehow violated our own policies, please see the CONTACT page or email us at


5. Information Collection – We have a “Contact” form and Questionnaires throughout our website. Depending on the form, we are asking for your name, phone number, address, email address, etc. We do NOT share this information with anyone. We are the only people who see this data. We use your email address and phone number to contact you. We use the rest of your information to help us help you. Please note: once we email you, the HTTP header information from your email address is logged automatically in our email host for their statistical purposes without explicit consent from the user which is not optional. This is universal.


6. Information Recipients – Pulsar Construction Inc. employees have access to the personal information sent in by visitors to our website. These employees have signed a document stating that they are in deep legal if they divulge any personal information to anyone about a client/customer.


7. Information Retention – Personal information may be retained indefinitely for future follow-up unless we are specifically requested not to do so by you. We send newsletters and emails to those people who have agreed to receive them. Note: The HTTP email header data may be retained indefinitely. That is out of our control.


8. Opt-In and Opt-Out – You may have received an email or filled out a form on our website that gave you the choice to “opt-in” to having your name and email address added to our email list for newsletters and other periodic e-mailings.  People who have “opted-in” will receive these bulk emails. As a client, affiliate, etc., if you have ever given us your personal information personally by phone or by some form of “contact” form on our website, we have added you to our email mailing list. At any time, you may request to have your personal data removed from our database. It’s as simple as sending us an email at or “unsubscribing” from our mailing list by clicking “unsubscribe” on the email that we sent you.


9. Cookies – We do not initiate Cookies on this site. We do use Google Analytics to track web visitor statistics. If you are concerned about this activity, please see Google’s Privacy Policy

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